Weekend Private Pilot Ground School-“Value Pack”


Duration – Over 80 hours – unlimited



Attend multiple courses till you pass both FAA written and practical tests.

The “value pack” course allows you to attend as many private pilot training courses that is conducted by JetEXE aviation until you pass the private pilot ground and practical tests.
Each course is a 5 day private pilot ground school conducted only on weekends. This course will teach you the entire syllabus required for the FAA private pilot knowledge course. After you complete this course, you will have the required knowledge for private pilots and be ready to pass the FAA written test and practical tests, if you have the flight hour requirements for the test. This is a fun and exciting course conducted in small groups of 10 to 12 students. This courses conducted by a team of highly qualified and experienced, FAA certified flight instructors of JetEXE Aviation. This is the ideal course for those who wish to train as private pilot’s. You will save over $4500 in one-on-one instruction, by doing this course.
Note: You may also purchase the “Value package” for an additional $300 only, which allows you to repeat/attend as many similar training courses conducted by JetEXE, until you pass the Private pilot FAA written test. Courses are conducted every other month. Book here and call us for scheduling your course.

The course includes:

  • Unrestricted hours of pilot ground school instruction and practice FAA tests, till you pass the tests.
  • Includes the cost of all the books, maps navigation computer and training materials.
  • Aircraft orientation aircraft knowledge and practical labs.
  • One flight training lesson in an advanced flight simulator
  • Gourmet lunch of 5 days including coffee and snacks during breaks.