• Private / Sport Pilot Course
  • Instrument Rating Course
  • Commercial Pilot Course
  • Instrument Rating Course
  • Multi Engine Rating Course
  • Flight Instructor Courses
  • Airline Pilot Course
  • Professional Pilot Course
  • Fast Track Airline Pilot

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  • Airline Pilot – 8 Mos
  • Professional Pilot – 7 Mos
  • Commercial Pilot – 6 Mos
  • Instrument Rating – 2 Wks
  • Multi Engine Course – 2 Wks
  • Flight Instructor CFI – 2 Wks
  • Private Pilot – 2×2 Wks
  • Ground School – 7 d
  • Time Building – 120 hr/mo

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  • Low Interest % Financing
  • Loan approval in 7 days
  • Full course or part Financing
  • Deferred Payment Plans
  • Vocational Rehab Funding
  • Veteran Benefits – GI Bill
  • Pay-as-you-go plans
  • Student Scholarships

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Advanced International Aviation Academy is the rated as one of the best flight training academies in the world. Our facilities and training programs are refined and advanced, to provide you with the best pilot training to become a professional airline pilot or a recreational pilot. Based on our exceptional training results and student success, AIA Academy is a winner of AOPA ” Flight Training School Awards” ,”Outstanding Flight School” and “Flight School Honor Roll” Awards. Many major international airlines choose their pilots from our graduates. We are a US Immigration, SEVIS student Visa approved school . AIA trains pilots-students from all over the world. We also conduct our training to suit the requirements of students from each country so that they meet the requisites for certification in their home country. Our International student programs cater to the specific needs such as student accomodation, transportation, RTR radio license training, ESL language training etc. We have a large number of airline pilot career trainees students from  India, China, Taiwan, Korea, Brasil, africa, middle eastern countries and south america. Yes, we do specialize in FAA, DGCA, EASA and CAAC based training.

         100 % STUDENT SUCCESS – 96% HIRED       

AIA is focused on providing exceptional quality of flight training with modern aircraft, quality maintenance, well defined optimized training syllabus and  training environment. We constantly strive to improve on our own standards to be the best in the pilot training industry, “DEFINING EXCELLENCE” in Pilot Training . Our specialized courses for Aviation Leadership & Personal Success empowers our students to be top performers in the industry. California weather, with 320 days a year of blue skies, allows you to fly almost everyday to complete your course fast. Our multi disciplined approach with training in Aviation Leadership & Personal Development goes hand in hand with the pilot training.

Our graduates are hired by…

      FAA – 141 & 61  “ZERO” ACCIDENT HISTORY      

AIA Academy is an FAA certified CFR 141 Flight Training Academy, approved as a certified ICAO FTO (flight Training Organization). Our FAA approved training curriculum are meticulously designed to provide the highest quality of flight training with exceptionally high standards of safety, equipment, airplanes, simulators and training environment. Our 96% + first-attempt pass rate for students in their FAA certification tests is an industry record. AIA’s advanced training procedures and immaculate maintenance has proven to keep safety at the highest level, with “zero” accident history ever. Our training fleet consists of newer model Cessna 172 R, 172 S, 172 SP with the latest avionics and equipment, including G1000 with autopilots, traffic alert and ADSB to enable the best training environment for students. We also have many C152’s and C150’s with IFR avionics, in immaculate training condition for training and time building. Piper Seneca IV-PA34 and Beechcraft Duchess BE76  with full glass cockpit is used for multi-engine training. Piper Turbo Arrow PA28-201RT is used for complex training. Alsim AL-200 simulator along with Frasca 152 simulator helps you get the best instrument and multi-engne simulator training. For those who like sport pilot training, we use our fleet of Remos-GX glass cockpit for some fun training.  Call us and we will be glad to give you a tour of our facilities and fleet.


Our highly experienced, carefully selected instructors, with extensive airline and Air Force instructional experience have created  the most efficient & effective flight training programs that maximizes training resources and your training time. Each instructor undergoes AIA standardization training and frequent evaluations by FAA to maintain our high training standards. We customize our training for each student to suit the students learning ability, learning pace, cognitive & motor skills. Our method is to provide you with the best resources, environment, skilled guidance with an exciting, motivating and mentoring approach, so that you will be thrilled to learn more about flying every day. Your flight training course will be absolutely the most exciting thing you ever did in your life!

We prepare you to get hired by…


  • FAA Certified 141 & 61
  • 21 Modern Aircraft Fleet
  • Advanced Flight Simulators
  • SEVIS – I20-Student Visas
  • FAA Certified maintenance
  • Best training weather in USA
  • 22  airports for practice
  • Control Towered D-Airport
  • B, C, D, E ,G air-spaces
  • Unlimited landings, no fees
  • 1:5 Instructor-Student Ratio
  • 1:5 Airplane-Student Ratio
  • Student Accommodation
  • Student Transportation
  • On site FAA testing facility

      WHY AIA ?      

  • Fast track 8 month CPL+Multi
  • Fixed low-Price Course Fees.
  • 100% Student Success
  • Airline+Military Instructors
  • “Zero” Accident/Incidents
  • AOPA Outstanding School Awards
  • Airline Selection Training
  • Training Labs & Library
  • Multi-media Class rooms
  • Customized for each student
  • City Down-town Airport
  • Early completion discount
  • Low cost food & housing
  • International student facilities


  • CPL – FAA 141 & 61
  • CPL – FAA + DGCA Req
  • CPL – FAA + CAAC Req
  • CPL – FAA + EASA Req
  • FAA Private & Sport Pilot
  • FAA Instrument Rating
  • FAA Commercial Pilot
  • FAA Multi Engine
  • CFI – Flight Instructor
  • CFII- Instrument Instructor
  • MEI – Multi Engine instructor
  • FAA – ATP Training
  • FAA – BFR -Flight Reviews
  • FAA – IPC  & Currency
  • FAA CFI Reinstatement


Private Pilot – 21 days

Sport Pilot – 20 days

Instrument rating – 14 days

Multi-Eng rating – 7 days

FAA CPL only – 90 days

CFI – 14 Days

CFII – 7 Days

MEII – 7 days

DGCA CPL Req-180 days

CAAC CPL Req-180 days

EASA CPL Req-180 days

Foreign License Convert 7 days

Time building 100 hr – 30 days




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Our modern training fleet consists of 21 late model aircraft such as Cessna 172R,172S,172SP, Twin Engine PA 34 Piper Seneca IV,  Beechcraft BE-76 Duchess with glass cockpit, Piper Arrow-Turbo  PA28-T201RT, Cessna 152, Cessna 150, Remos GX Sport, Frasca 142 Simulator, ALSIM AL200 MCC Simulator & several IFR training planes. Our training fleet is inspected & approved by FAA and maintained by our FAA certified maintenance crew in the high standards required of a certified CFR141 school. We maintain  a 1:4 aircraft to student ratio, so every students get to fly 4 to 6 times a week. We limit our course admission to maintain smalls batch sizes, so  that each student gets the training and attention needed for succeed. Student flight schedules for the entire course is a pre-planned and booked in advance to eliminate interruption or delay in students training.


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We are proud to be one of the few Flight Schools in USA that maintains a “Zero” Accident & Incident history, ever.  Our aircraft are maintained in our FAA certified CFR145 MRO commercial aircraft Repair-Station. We conduct detailed Annual-Inspections and overhauls. Each 100 hours of flight time,  the aircraft are thoroughly  inspected and serviced. Additionally, over and above the FAA recommended 100 hour servicing requirements, our aircraft are serviced and inspected every 50 hours of flight time and condition analyzed.  Our station maintenance crew and mobile maintenance  crew are ready 24/7 to provide you with the best service that you need. This keeps our planes in great condition and available for your training schedules.


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Instructors at AIA have airline, military and commercial instructional experience with FAA Instructor certifications. We believe in  quality of instruction over quantity. Your instructor is the most important element of your training quality & safety. Unlike most flights schools in USA that use the low experienced, low salaried instructors who are working to build their own flight hours to go to the airline, primarily to cut training costs, our experienced veteran instructors are highly dedicated to your training. AIA instructors undergo specialized standardization training, periodic proficiency tests to maintain our high standards of training. Your future career and performance as a pilot is dependent on your instructors training quality.


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 Our training programs include multiple types of simulators to enhance the training experience and learning. The use of simulators enable us to train students in advanced skills and airline procedures in a safe environment.  Our simulators provide  high accuracy simulation with full force feedback on the control systems,  of over 25 Types of airplanes including  singles-engine, Twin-engine Turboprop & Jets. We Use the best of its kind simulators from   FRASCA and ALSIM in which you can practice, emergency management, Instrument procedures,  approaches and departures from any airport in North America or Europe. Most of all you, can Log more than 50 hours  of simulator training towards you commercial licenses, which will save you thousands of dollars.


AIA  Academy conducts FAA approved pilot training courses for single engine and multi engine airplanes from Private Pilot certification, Commercial pilot Cerification, Instrument Rating, Multi Engine ratings, CFI, CFII, MEI & ATP certifications. At AIA, these courses can be done at a quick pace in fast-track courses or self-paced courses. Students achieve 100% success rates due to the immersed learning and test preparation methods that we specialize. Call us to know more about the courses including FAA, DGCA, CAAC, EASA . READ MORE


Our DGCA/CAAC/EASA approved curriculum will train you to achieve the FAA pilot certifications and your country’s  pilot certification requirements simultaneously.  We provide complete end to end services to assist with enrollment, ground training, license conversion, Radio licensing RTR . Comfortable accommodation with all the latest amenities like swimming pool, Gym, internet , laundry etc. is provided to international students with options for food and transportation. The student accommodation is only 1 mile away. READ MORE


If you are training at another Flight School and wish to transfer to AIA Academy, we will provide you the FAA allowed credit for the hours of training  and the necessary documents to transfer from your current school including SEVIS  processing . Our dedicated admissions office  will work with you to compile your required transfer documents. We have many students who have transferred to our school from schools in Florida, Texas, NY, Australia, Canada and New Zealand due to our excellent reputation and great California weather. MORE


Once you successfully complete your CFI  Flight Instructor ratings at AIA Academy, you may be eligible to work as a Flight Instructor at our school. Depending on your, abilities and aptitude, you may be selected to work as a flight instructor in our “elite” training team and will gain immense flight experience, training students at AIA Academy. You can build approximated 800 to 100 hours in a year, training students at our school. We are proud to be the highest paying school in the region, with medical and other benefits to employees. READ MORE


Once you contact us and submit the  completed admission application , we will provide you with the information needed for your admission to the school. For international students, we will provide you with the guidance and required documents for STUDENT VISA SEVIS processing. We will also assist you with the documents needed for your local banks to process  low interest student loans. The process is seamless, quick and easy.  Contact our admissions office at email: 

Our students…Successs!!!

“Flying is the closest you can get to Nirvana”

Demand for airline pilots has never been so high!

Come join us!

Capt. Augustine Joseph ( IAF Pilot-Retired )