FAA Part 141 Courses

Following are the FAA 141 certified courses conducted by the AIA Academy.

  1. Private pilot
  2. Commercial single engine
  3. Instrument rating
  4. Multi-engine rating
  5. Professional Airline Pilot career Course

FAA Part 61 Courses

AI Aviation Academy conducts individual training programs to suit your requirements. Each students program is customized according to the student’s abilities, needs, experience,learning skills and time. Following the individual training programs that are conducted by AI Aviation Academy. Cost of the below individual courses are dependent on the students abilities to achieve the standards of FAA testing for each certification. Fees are paid “pay as you go” as and when the student uses the training hours and training equipment.

  • Sport Pilot
  • Private pilot
  • Commercial single engine
  • Private or Commercial multi engine
  • Instrument rating
  • Multi-engine rating
  • Professional Airline Pilot career Course
  • Commercial Flight Instructor CFI
  • Commercial Flight Instructor instrument CFII
  • Commercial Flight Instructor Multi Engine
  • Bi-anneal Flight Review
  • Time building programs

Course Cost & Fees