General Requirements – 

(a) Age – He shall be not less than Eighteen years of age on the date of application

(b) Educational Qualification – He shall have passed Class Ten plus Two or an equivalent examination with Physics and Mathematics, from a recognized Board/University

c) Medical Fitness – Valid Class 1 Medical (both foreign & Indian)

(d) Knowledge – He shall pass a written examination in Air Regulations, Air Navigation, Meteorology and Aircraft and Engines and Signals (practical) examination for interpretation of aural and visual signals.  

       – Valid RTR issued by WPC


Conversion Requirements –

Flying Requirements to be fulfilled on the date the application:-

(a) Total- 200 hrs., PIC- 100 hrs, PIC Cross Country- 20 hrs. 
(b) Statement of 300 NM PIC Cross Country
(c) Statement of 10 hrs. Instrument time

Flying experience required in preceding 6 months (Recency) :-
(a) PIC- 15hrs.
(b) PIC in Night- 5 hrs. with 10 take offs & 10 landings (c) GFT by Day
(d) GFT by Night
(e) 250 NM PIC Day Cross Country test
(f) 120 NM PIC Night Cross Country test
For Instrument Rating:-
(a) PIC Cross Country- 50 hrs.
(b) Instrument Time- 40 hrs. (Actual/simulated 20 hrs. or more + Synthetic Simulator 20 hrs. or less)
(c) 5 hrs. instrument time Actual/simulated in preceding 6 months
(d) IR test in preceding 6 months
(e) Pass Signal Reception test (6 to 8 words per minute)