BE 76 DUCHESS 2-4 10 20 2.0 32.0 $5900 $4900
National Average N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $8850
In order to qualify for a Commercial Multi Engine Certification, on completion of training, the student pilot must demonstrate through written, oral, and practical examination, that he/ she meets the knowledge, skill, and experience requirements specified in the Federal Regulations.
FAA-CFR – Requirements & Eligibility for Multi Engine rating
FAA-ACS – Test/Certification Standards for Multi Engine rating
Above prices are based on the Multi Engine course requirements prescribed by FAA for students who hold a valid Private Pilot certification and Pre-Requisites to obtain the Multi Engine rating. Course prices are subject to change depending on changes in fuel,training and operational costs. Fast-Track courses are full time courses, 8 hours a day, 6 days a week course attendance.


Our Training goals are:

  1. Provide the best, most efficient training and learning environment for you.
  2. Keep our 100% accident/incident free safety record intact and train you to be a safe and exceptional pilot.
  3. Cater to your individual needs and customize your training program to achieve your goals.
  4. Make it a very rewarding and enjoyable learning experience.
  5. Student successfully obtains the FAA Multi-Engine rating at completion of course.

Multi-Engine Airplane Rating

The Multi-Engine Airplane Land rating (MEL) qualifies pilots to be the pilot in command and operate  multi engine-airplanes ie airplanes with more than one engine. Most commercially operated airplanes are multi-engine airplanes.

This is an add-on rating to an existing single-engine private pilot, commercial pilot or ATP certification. There is no specified minimum flight time requirements for this rating. But, you need to train with a certified flight Instructor and receive endorsement in your logbook for the flight and ground training. There is no written tests for this rating but your examiner will conduct an oral test and practical check-ride in the multiengine airplane.

Pre –Requisites for Multi-engine Rating

Meet the requirements found in FAR 61.63(c). Train in the areas of operation found in FAR 61.107(b)(2) that cover the multi engine rating.

  1. Hold at least a current private pilot certificate.
  2. Must have a current FAA medical certificate.
  3. Have a minimum of 3 hours of cross-country flight training in a multi-engine airplane
  4. Have 3 hours of night flight multi-engine training, including 10 takeoff and landings to full stop, and one cross-country flight greater than 100NM
  5. 3 hours of instrument instruction in a multi-engine aircraft
  6. Minimum 3 hours of dual instruction in preparation for the practical test in the preceding 2 months
  7. Must have an endorsement in his or her logbook or training record from an authorized instructor and that endorsement must attest that the applicant has been found competent in the aeronautical knowledge areas appropriate to the pilot certificate for the aircraft class rating sought;
  8. Must have an endorsement in his or her logbook or training record from an authorized instructor, and that endorsement must attest that the applicant has been found proficient in the areas of operation appropriate to the pilot certificate for the aircraft class rating sought;
  9. Must pass the required practical test that is appropriate to the pilot certificate for the aircraft class rating sought;
  10. Need not meet the specified training time requirements prescribed by this part that apply to the pilot certificate for the aircraft class rating sought unless the person holds a lighter-than-air category rating with a balloon class rating and is seeking an airship class rating and
  11. Need not take an additional knowledge test, provided the applicant holds an airplane, rotorcraft, powered-lift, or airship rating at that pilot certificate level.

Multi Engine Airplane Training

The multi engine airplane training at AIA aviation is one of the most interesting, invigorating and exciting courses. The course entails both ground training and flight training. The ground training involves aircraft knowledge, aircraft systems, multi-engine aerodynamics, multi engine emergencies, multi engine procedures and  multi-engine maneuvers. The BE-76 Duchess twin engine aircraft is used for flight training. Our multi-engine trainer has full glass cockpit and adds value to your training. It is one of the best multi-engine trainer’s with counter – rotating engines and constant speed propellers. This makes it easier to practice and demonstrate single-engine emergency maneuvers. Typically the training involves:

  • Multi engine aircraft Preflight preparation
  • Multi-engine Preflight procedures
  • Airport operations
  • Takeoffs, landings, and go-arounds
  • Performance maneuvers
  • Slow flight and stalls
  • Emergency operations
  • Post flight procedures
FAA Multi-Engine Rating Course: Course Length & Requirements:
Total Program Duration (weeks): 6
Total Ground Instruction Hours: 141Total Flight Instruction Hours: 18

Total Program Hours: 159



Be at least 18 years of age

Private Pilot certificate

Hold FAA Instrument Rating or Instrument Course Concurrent enrollment

Certificates Received: Commercial Pilot Certificate – Airplane Multi-Engine Land
Duchess BE76 + ALSIM Simulator Requirements:
– FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate- FAA Instrument Rating
Flight Instruction + Tests 18 hrs. $6531
Online Course + Labs 105 hrs. $1200
Ground Instruction 36 hrs. $2124
*Course cost estimates are based on the minimum training required by the FAA, completion of course. Fees are paid , “pay as go” at the time student uses the hours of training.
Estimated Total
 159 hrs

Course Cost & Fees – All Courses