Airline Pilot – Fast Track course

This course is ideal for career track students or international students who wish to become airline pilots in the shortest time. The fast track airline pilot training course can be completed in less than 12 months. For international students, we would also provide them with ESL courses(English as second language) if needed. If the student is not fluent in English, then the course may take an additional 2 to 3 months.
Jet & Rotor Academy’s, fast Track Airline Pilot Training  Program provides airline-oriented flight training at a fixed cost in the shortest time frame.

Highlights of the course:

  • Full-time student program, for quick course Airline Pilot Course completion. Less than 12 months.
  • Private Pilot license thru Commercial Multi-engine with CFIs (Instructor license)
  • Customized Airline-Style Training with CRM training.
  • Free Multi-engine simulator training and practice.
  • Airline interview training,with mock interviews.
  • Fixed costs for training course completion. No extras.
  • Pilot Recruiting Events and seminars during Training.
  • Guaranteed Instructor Job to build airline minimum requirement of 1500 Hours, if instructor standards are met.
  • Proven Track Record with airline and charter job placement.
  • Low cost housing can be provided.

This course we get to from zero experience to becoming a fully trained and licensed pilot, ready to be hired by the airlines. We would also provide you the opportunity to instruct in multi-engine airplanes and build the needed experience that the airlines are looking for.

Fast Track – Ideal course for students aiming to become airline pilots.

This course is focused and concentrated on training carrier airline pilots. It is designed and proven for high level of knowledge and skill transfer to the student with  the most efficient and effective training schedule and methods.

Self Paced – Ideal course for students who would like to pace their training, if they’re working or going to college, while training to be a pilot.

The self-paced course is ideal for those who cannot dedicate full-time towards flight training. In the self-paced course, you would be training for a few hours, twice or thrice a week.You can complete the course in your own pace and time.