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8 People wrote to us:
  1. great flight school, all instructors are very knowledgeable an convey their information to you well. Augustine is very hands on with his cfi’s, students an mechanics. The aircraft are maintained very well. Nothing but positive things to say. I recommend them to anyone looking to pursue an aviation career.

  2. I am a 25 year, 5500 hour Commercial Helicopter Pilot and I decided to obtain my fixed wing private pilot certificate. I decided to train with AIAA at KSAC and my instructor was Robert Lemmon. The training Robert provided was excellent. He is patient, knowledgeable and very skilled and I count myself lucky that he was delayed in his Airline training due to COVID, consequently he is working at AIAA until COVID allows him to return to his training. The aircraft at AIAA are in excellent condition and the entire cadre of instructors are very helpful, friendly and gregarious. I would recommend this flight school to anyone wanting an airplane rating. As I was already a helicopter pilot, Robert had to adjust his teaching style to adjust to the aviation knowledge I had and that which was lacking for fixed wing aircraft. He was able to instruct seamlessly and brought me to the skill level necessary to earn my “fixed” wings. Thanks for everything AIAA.

  3. Just passed my checkride on the first try! My instructor Zach was very knowledgeable and is a great instructor. Would highly recommend him for PPL.

  4. I recently earned my sport pilot certificate after training with these guys. My experience with them could not have been better. I worked with two instructors, Steven and Nick. Both instructors were extremely helpful and taught me everything I needed to know for my checkride and more. These guys really know what they’re doing. They know how to prepare you for any surprises that may come in a pilot checkride. All of the staff members at the school are very kind and helpful. When I decided to begin my training with this school I literally showed up in the front office one day not really knowing what to expect. That afternoon I was flying the traffic pattern at Sacramento Executive Airport. It was truly an amazing experience!

  5. Best flight instruction in town!! I just passed my checkride and thanks to my instructor Mason and the rest of the staff, I’m now a Private Pilot. Augustine and his staff have been amazing throughout my entire journey. Everybody at AIAA treats you like family. From the front desk, to the mechanics and all the instructors. Super friendly atmosphere and everyone is interested in making your training the best it can be. I can’t forget to mention the aircraft are the best maintained training aircraft in town. Look up “Repair Station Operators (Part 145)” and if your flight school isn’t one, walk away. Special shout out the Flight Instructors Kevin and Nick.

  6. Great flight school with extremely knowledgeable and experienced instructors. Unlike many other places, the carefully curated CFI’s here are not collecting hours for ATP requirements and offer a lot of valuable tribal knowledge for students. The school is in tandem with a Part 145 repair station and the aircrafts are maintained beyond minimum FAA requirements; the aircraft also have quick turnarounds for repairs. Safety is highly valued here and the owner has a lot of experience managing the fleet and personnel from commanding the military. I just got my PPL today and I would highly recommend training here. Ask for Robert Lemmon!

  7. If you want to train in a bag of bolts that is held together with duct tape and zip ties Advanced Aviation Academy is NOT the place for you. Imagine smoothly applying power, rolling down the runway, rotating, climbing … only to have your seat slide to the back of the airplane (do not laugh; it happened to me at another school). The airplanes at Advanced Aviation Academy are newer and well maintained. The owner of the business has a heart-felt concern for the safety of his students. You will pay a little more at Advanced Aviation Academy, but you’re safety is worth it. Online scheduling is easy and efficient. The front desk staff are friendly and helpful. The gem of the school is instructor Ty Powell. Ty has nearly 10,000 hours of flight time and is a professional instructor who is not instructing as a stepping stone to the airlines. Most instructors who are qualified to instruct instrument and commercial students are not interested in instructing new students, but Ty instructed me. Ty is good at communicating concepts. Ty has genuine empathy for his students and he does not demean students for not understanding or being able to perform maneuvers which are extremely rare qualities in flight instructors. If you can get Ty for your training, you are lucky.

  8. I transferred from a private instructor to Advanced International aviation academy, And enjoying every moment of my decision. Everyone at the academy are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The Learning environment is set perfectly. Both Mason and Augustine are passionate aviation educators, who I’m confident will surpass your expectations if you are wanting to learn the beautiful world of aviation. I specially have to give Mason the spot light, His ability to adjust his teaching skills is wonderful, He has Positive strict structure and sets the bar high to achieve excellence for his students. Mason has my highest recommendation