CESSNA 152/150 4-12 37.5 65.0 02.5 105.0 $9985 $7995
REMOS GX 4-12 37.5 65.0 02.5 105.0 $10676 $8676
CESSNA 172 4-12 37.5 65.0 02.5 105.0 $10984 $8984
In order to qualify for a Private Pilot Certificate, on completion of training, the student pilot must demonstrate through written, oral, and practical examination, that he/ she meets the knowledge, skill, and experience requirements specified in the Federal Regulations.
FAA-CFR – Requirements & Eligibility for Private Pilot license
FAA-ACS – Test/Certification Standards for Private Pilot License
Above prices are based on the Private Pilot course requirements prescribed by FAA. Course prices are subject to change depending on changes in fuel,training and operational costs. Fast-Track courses are full time courses, 8 hours a day, 6 days a week course attendance.



Our Training goals are:

  1. Provide the best, most efficient training and learning environment for you.
  2. Keep our 100% accident/incident free safety record intact and train you to be a safe and exceptional pilot.
  3. Cater to your individual needs and customize your training program to achieve your goals.
  4. Make it a very rewarding and enjoyable learning experience.
  5. Student successfully obtains the FAA Private Pilot certificate at completion of course.

Aviation Training is all about planning, preparing, practicing, and most of all perseverance with the right attitude.Advanced International Aviation Academy’s Private Pilot Course is designed to teach you flight maneuvers, airplane systems, aerodynamics, night flying techniques, cross-country navigation, Federal Aviation Regulations, and to develop yours skills and the attitude necessary to become a Private Pilot with exceptional knowledge, technical ability, pilot skills and sound judgment.

A Private Pilot can fly during the day or at night under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and carry more than one passenger if the aircraft allows it. Our Private Pilot Course will fully prepare you to earn your certificate and more importantly provide you with high standards of professionalism, safety, and confidence that will define your career in aviation.

What to Expect as a Private Pilot

When you have your Private Pilot License, you’ll be able to take friends and family on trips around the country or even internationally. Typically you’ll fly a rented four seat airplane that flies at speeds in the 130 to 200 mph range. You might decide to own your own airplane, though most pilots do not. You’ll have access to thousands of airports around the country and will be able to take trips in a weekend that would require days of traveling by car. Perhaps most important, though, you’ll have the freedom of the skies, able to take off and enjoy the breathtaking scenery and freedom of the skies whenever you choose. You’ll also have set yourself apart from the majority of the population, mastered a great challenge, experienced probably the greatest adventure of all, and have become one of the few who master the skies. Private pilot license does not permit you to fly for any commercial purposes or use the certificate for a pilot job. You would need commercial pilot certification for working as a pilot.

Private Pilot Requirements

To become a Private Pilot typically involves between 35 and 70 hours of flight time, some ground training, and you must pass two tests. The FAA requires you must have at least 35 flight hours of flight experience, but passing in such a short time is fairly unusual; the national average is around 65 hours. You might spend anywhere from a few months to a year to obtain the license depending on your training frequency. In the region of eight to twelve months is typical, if you’re working a full-time job and have a family. Most of your flight hours will be with an instructor, but part-way through your training, you will start to fly solo–entirely by yourself. The first solo flight is a great event in every pilot’s career, regardless of whether that pilot becomes a military, airline, or other professional, or just flies for fun.

The FAA tests are carefully controlled for fairness and consistency, properly prepared by your instructor, you should pass easily. One test is a computer-based multiple choice format, while the other is a practical test, often called the “check-ride.” In the practical test, your examiner will ask you oral questions, and take you flying to determine if your skills are up to the required standards. Link

Requirements for award of FAA Private Pilot Certificate.

  • Be at least 17 years old (you can start training earlier).
  • Pass a simple medical exam (Private Pilot) or hold a valid driver’s license (Sport Pilot).
  • Pass a FAA test on aeronautical knowledge .
  • Complete the required flight training for the course .
  • Pass an FAA Private-Pilot practical test.
 Private Pilot Course hours & Requirements
Total Program Duration (weeks): 13

Total Classroom Ground Instruction: 102

Online course & labs :220

Total Flight Instruction & Test Hours: 42

Total Program Hours: 364

Admission Requirements:

Be at least 17 years of age

Be able to speak, write, and understand English

Pass the FAA airman medical test with a minimum of Class 3

FAA Testing Standards for Private Pilot – Airplanes
Certificate Received:

FAA Private Pilot Certificate – Airplane Single-Engine Land

Training FAA 141 Syllabus

Our syllabus is a well defined guide to your flight training.This is an FAA approved syllabus and by following it, you know the objective of every phase of training and individual flight scenario. It also helps you to understand the topics that you need to study before you go to the airport and to check your progress throughout your training.

Each flight training lesson is scenario based  and methodical. It follows a building block method to move you towards your goal of becoming a safe, competent pilot. Best of all, you know when you’ve done well, because the course is in phases and each phase outlines the completion standards you need to achieve.

Training Schedules

 Our training schedules of very flexible.  You will be given access to an online scheduler and you can schedule your flight lessons according to your own time and availability.  We train Monday to Saturday, 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Course elements

 The AIA Academy’s Cessna pilot training syllabus :

Flight Training :Provides a total of 42.0 Hours of Flight Training lessons & tests in Cessna 10 or Cessna, 172 aircraft.

Syllabus based Learning:

  • Provides innovative and interactive online & Class room learning exercises.
  • Online course is accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection.Can be downloaded to your computer of mobile phone/ Ipad for your convenience.
  • The unique design of the training program Integrates web-based knowledge sessions, class room work with flight scenarios.
  • Ensures that before every flight you will have the required knowledge to succeed.
  • Includes flight previews to give you a pilot’s view of what you will practice in the airplane.
  • You and your instructor will discuss the schedule for your training and you will know:
    • When to complete the appropriate web-based knowledge instruction and flight previews.
    • What to bring with you for each flight scenario.
  • Upon completion of each flight scenario you and your instructor will review the elements of the flight scenario and the scenario outcome.
    • Compare your performance to the completion standards.
    • Independently evaluate the tasks in the flight scenario.
    • Discuss and compare the training results.
    • Discuss the next flight scenario and subjects to review.

Course completions time

We have a self-paced private pilot course and Fast Track courses.  The self-paced course completion time is dependent on how often you train.  If you take three flight lessons or so each week, you can complete it in 3 to 4 months.  The fastest anyone has completed this course at our school is in 31 days from start to finish.

Private Pilot Testing by FAA or FAA Designated Examiner

To obtain your private pilot certification your final test is with an FAA examiner or FAA deisgnated examiner. The standards of testing are by the Private Pilot Airman certification Standards

Private Pilot Course Costs

The cost of obtaining your Private Pilot License is made up of airplane rental cost, instructor fees, books and other study materials, pilot supplies, and the test fees. Obviously the final cost depends heavily on how many lessons you find you need before you’re ready to take the tests within the FAA standards of test prescribed by FAA Airman Certification Standards. Another significant variable is the airplane you decide to fly while learning. Many people choose to fly a Cessna 172 while they’re pursuing a Private Pilot license, and that will typically cost $125~$145 per hour to rent. If you’re light and not too tall (perhaps less than 160 lbs and under 6′ tall you might choose to fly the Cessna 150/152 instead, which is a little cheaper). Expect your instructor fees in the region of $45/hour to $65/hour. You can minimize the costs of “ground school” by studying the book-work by yourself as much as possible and turning up to each lesson well prepared. We also conduct group ground lessons every week which can be very beneficial to students.

For a reasonably realistic working budget you should consider airplane and instructor time, add perhaps $500 for books and materials, another $150~$400 for a headset (you’ll probably want your own) and about $400 to 500 for the FAA exam fees. The costs are spread over the time you take to complete your license, so typically expect to be paying this total over four to twelve months, depending on how fast you train.

Budget for a regular monthly outgoing based on the amount you can afford, and schedule your flight time limited by that and what your lifestyle will allow. Look on this as a journey, rather than a single achievement, as you’ll presumably want to continue flying after you have been awarded your pilot certificate. Some lenders offer financing for flight instruction, though this varies with the economic climate. Notably, if you’re a Veteran, your benefits can be used for some aspects of flight training.

 Instruction  Hours Cessna 150 Cost
Cessna 172 Cost
– Be at least 17 years of age- Be able to speak, write, and understand English
Flight Instruction +Tests
42.0 hrs. $6831 $7664
Online Course & labs 220  hrs. $ 1000 $ 1000
Ground Instruction 102 hrs. $6018 $6018
*Course cost estimates are based on the minimum training required by the FAA. Fees are paid “pay as you go” when you use the hours of training.
Estimated Total  364 hrs
 $13849  $14682

Introductory Flight

We offer gift and introductory flight packages. In these flights, you can expect to do much of the flying and get a feel of the airplane, but if you’d rather just go along for the ride and get the feel for what’s happening, perhaps even just to decide if you like the experience, you can do that too. Your instructor will try to find out what you’d like to do, but if you have a plan then it’s easier if you just say so. It’s your time, it’s your first flight lesson, and the only important thing is that you should enjoy it.

Your First Flight Lesson

A first lesson is a flexible thing, your instructor will answer any questions you might have about airplanes, the course, how to fly, costs, and about what to expect for the rest of the time you’re a student pilot. But rather than spend a lot of time on the ground, the main point of the first lesson will be to do some flying and get the feel for being in the air. Your instructor will take you out to the plane, explain the parts and controls of the plane, how it works etc. He will then take you on a flight to give you some flight experience.

Course Costs & Fees-All Courses


Students enjoy learning at our flight school with our hands on approach to learning, keeping it fun and exciting. Below are pictures from our last Private pilot course. We are proud that the course was a 100% success. Every student who attended the course passed the tests and have become Private Pilots.