Pilot training starter pack – For high school & college students


Persons – 1
Duration: 3 lessons, Total 6 hours Training.
Lesson Duration : 2.0 hours each lesson



This exciting and thrilling pilot “starter pack” for high school and college students is ideal for those young students who wish to learn the highly valuable skills required for a pilot. It is amazing to watch the young students go through this program with great excitement, motivation and discipline.
It teaches them the unique skills that pilots hone such as, precise planning, preparation, taking on big responsibility, multitasking, psychomotor skills, risk management , confidence and more. We see the changes in the students in just three lessons. Their self-worth and self-esteem and is skyrocketed after this course and gives them a new status in their peer group. Some of them even continue to take lessons and become pilots. This pilot course also will make them stand apart when they send in their college applications or resumes.