2015 FlightTrainingAWARDS_OFS-outlinesThere are over 1450 flight schools in USA from small to large schools and over 3000 flight schools in the world. Finding the right flight training school for your training can be confusing and difficult. The quality of training, values, safety, environment and pricing varies from one school to another. Our high quality of training made us the winner of “AOPA flight training excellence award-honor roll” for 2013, 2014 and the “Outstanding Flight School” award in 2015.

Key Factors

  • AIA Academy was founded with over 130 Years of combined experience in the  Aviation & Flight Training Industry.
  • Founded & Headed by Ex-Military Fighter Pilot, air combat Instructor, over 30 years of experience as a pilot with airplane and Helicopter ratings ,with varied international aviation experience. As you know, most flight schools are operated by pilots who trained to become commercial airline pilots but did not make the cut. Do you want to learn from them or from the best?
  • Advanced International Aviation  Academy is the only flight school in the country to win the AOPA “Honor Roll “award, for flight training excellence, twice in a row,2013 & 2014.
  • Highly selected, highest-paid instructors, with thousands of hours of instructional experience, unlike most schools that use low time low-paid instructors who are interested only in building their flight hours rather than teaching you.
  • FAA Certified CFR 141 accredited school , internationally recognized by airlines. It matters when you go for airline interviews.
  • FAA certified CFR 145 maintenance repair station, attached to the Academy, provides exceptional and high-quality maintenance. We have the best maintained fleet of aircraft for training in Northern California.
  • We use the best training equipment to achieve optimum training results and success rates. Our airplanes and simulators are top of the line for the flight training environment.
  • Safety Record- Since the founding of this Academy, we are proud to have 100% safety record, with no accidents or incidents.
  • Location – Sunny California, big city living but low cost of living in Sacramento. Those Sacramento is a big city in northern California and the capital of California it has one of the lowest cost of living among California cities. It has all the facilities for urban living, culture and entertainment. It is close to the beach and also close to the Sierra Mountains. It is an ideal playground for people who love nature and adventure sports. Skiing, snowboarding, rafting, surfing, skydiving, hiking, camping and beach sports are just a quick drive away.
  • Flying weather- Sacramento has good weather for flying 82% of the year. The climate is just great with no extreme type of weather. The temperatures are not extreme like “hot burning summers and freezing winters in Texas” or “Hot Sultry and rainy Florida with hurricanes half the year “
  • Flying Environment- Sacramento executive airport is a class D control towered airport, located right inside the city. There are no commercial flights to interfere with training, but  within 50 mile radius there are over 10 airports, three international airports, Sacramento international, Oakland international, San Francisco international. There are many uncontrolled and a non-towered airports in the vicinity such as, Mather Airport, McClelland Airport, UC Davis University Airport and more with all type of air spaces and instrument approaches to practice.
  • FAA Approved Ground School Courses and one on one instruction.
  • We do not practice bait and switch pricing like many flight schools.We give you the real pricing , upfront so that you can plan your time and finances to achieve your goals.You pay fees “Pay as you go”
  • We offer a choice of self-paced or accelerated training.
  • Time building program to prepare you for airline jobs.

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